27 March 2008


Sgt. Roberto Arizola Jr.
Hometown: Laredo, Texas, U.S.
Age: 31 years old
Died: June 8, 2005 in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Unit: Army, 297th Military Intelligence Battalion (Roberto was an Army reservist attached to this unit)

I had to take a break from my vacation. The toll in Iraq reached 4,000 dead the other day. That bothers me alot. It's funny, but so many people I know in California don't know anyone who's in or has been to Iraq (other than me). So, I think for many it doesn't seem real. What makes it real for me, besides having been there, is the soldiers I know who died there. I say the word "know" not "knew" because I will always think of them.

Take a look at the web site:
http://projects.washingtonpost.com/fallen to see something about those who've died there. It list by state (CA & TX take the lead) and by date, and alpha order.

The other funny thing I've noticed from people I've talked to....most of those who think this war is a good thing, have never been to Iraq. Most of the people I know who think it's not a good thing, have been there. I know we don't want a President who makes up adventures about being shot at by snipers in Bosnia, but we don't want one who thinks being in Iraq is a good thing. I'm voting for Alfred E. Newman.


Anonymous said...


Here's another site so that folks can do what you are suggesting--that we remember and honor these men and women.

Mezzo SF said...

Hey there, Roller dude....I stumbled onto your blog via Sgt. Grumpy. I live in the CA Bay Area - I know what you mean about people just not knowing anyone who's been or is in Iraq. I'm the only one in my circles of friends who has someone currently in the Sandbox - and nobody really 'gets' it. And yet, everyone likes to protest...!

anyways. thanks for your candor and your sharing on this site...and for your service.