17 January 2011

Weapon of Choice?

From the Cop side:  One of the media pukes said that the Glock pistol is the "weapon of choice" for the bad guys in this country.  Wow.  As long as they keep shooting like they see in the movies and on TV, I actually have little fear of then actually hitting what they are aiming at. 
But, then...some after market company came up with something to help the street pukes shoot better.  We need to ban these kind of sights before it's too late!!! 
(by the way, this is a JOKE)
Someday the media will actually do some research before they start making sh-- up.  The most common pistol in American Law Enforcement is the Glock .40 caliber.


Coffeypot said...

There will always be someone trying to make a buck anyway they can, regardless of how it hurts others. And the black hats are always looking for the new and better to get the upper hand. It's really a good thing you are getting out of the shit, Dude. When are you, BTW?

Wrexie said...

There are baaaad people out there fo shore... but it's the jokesters you really have to watch out for! hehe.. I wanna be the first in my hood to have one. lol

Anonymous said...

1. Somebody is going to trot out a hand gun out with that modification for real.
2. Have occasional dealings with the press. On issues, the press tends to ignore evidence that conflicts with their point of view or agenda.
3. Like the pols, most of the press people I meet are contemptuous of the man on the street.
4. Both pols and press want us to shut up and do what we're told to.
5. That's worked real well, everywhere it's been tried. (This is a joke.)
V/R JWest

Hogdayafternoon said...


CI-Roller Dude said...

CP, you do know it was a joke...right?
WRX, Yes, you need to watch out for the combat comics...we make em' die laughing.
Mr West, I've been in the local news paper many times...in almost every incident, the news folks got about 50% of the information wrong. I think they just make shit up.

Hogday, Do they have these Glock sights in the UK yet?

Hogdayafternoon said...

:)) I'll have a chat with my old colleagues in `the business`and see if the boyz are super-gluing them on the `Austrian plastic-packers`.

Handguns are prohibited weapons in the UK,the same category as automatic weapons, cs/oc sprays, self-loading or pump action shotguns can only have a 2 round mag (so whats the point). Even the British Olympic Pistol Shooting Team have to fly to continental Europe to practice.