06 February 2009

How we talked to the Iraqi folks

From the soldier side: Last month for my National Guard drill, I had to give a class on how to use a "Terp" (interpreter). Most of our "mess kit" repair soldiers got some kind of useless training on how to do this in A.I.T. (Advanced Individual Training)...but with my "real world" experience, most said that they learned more from me. Remember, while I was in Bosnia, I used a "Terp" almost everyday of the week.
In Iraq, I used them everyday for the first 4 months, then only about 6 days a week after that. So, I think I know what I'm doing.
This link shows an Army Soldier, I assume a NCO, showing the proper way to use a "terp" when talking to a group. Very good training....
Please let me know if you found it useful... we aim to please.
On another note: Can anyone explain to me the point of those "things" like Face Book and My Space and stuff like that. I just don't understand them at all. If someone wants to tell me what's going on or write to me, use one of my several e-mail addresses. People send me the sign up things, but I don't get it. Hell, nobody I know could think I could even do a blog. Oh well, wtf.


2SBCT Mom said...

I created a MySpace account to keep in touch with my son while he was deployed. He checks his MySpace more than e-mail. It has also been useful to network with other Army parents, so it serves a purpose for me. You can view everyone's new pics without e-mailing links/attachments all the time. You might want to try it just to see how it goes :).

Chuck from Tacoma said...

As a dad and grandpa, I got hooked in to both facebook and myspace. You can see the pictures of the kids and grands in a heartbeat. You can share stuff with many folks of your choice without needing email.
I find it nice to have my nieces pop up pictures of their kids.
The way we use it, it is glue that keeps family and close personal friends connected. But we keep close eyes on the young ones use.
Nobody knows better than you the why's of that.

J said...

Are there "terps" that can translate for 6 year-olds with missing teeth?

Maybe it should be Face Space and My Book...

Sergeant Grumpy said...

Man, that video sure reminds me of a lot of shit. At least that guy told it like it was, must have been a 1SG. The officers I was with, and they are good men and good officers, still would have had a hard time being that direct and honest.

We would get mortared constantly from a palm grove next to a Mahdi neighborhood, and the IPs did fuck shit to stop it. So finally we drove to the neighborhood, dismounted and walked the whole area and told every fucking MAM we were going to start returning mortar fire.

The next time we got mortared, we had gun crews working mortars, and then mounted up and we raided all the know MM hideouts (except for a few mosques, but don't get me started) Anyhow the fuckers stopped for a long time after that. What started it again is probably a book.

As for MySpace it is for teens and peds although, if your kids are on, it is probably a damn good idea to get your own account and keep an eye on them. Otherwise, I think MySpace is a piece of shit.

Facebook is a little easier to figure out, and is a good way to keep track of all your friends, but I also think people put to much energy into updating their shit.

"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

Grumpy, as the Brits would say " you are spot on my lad." I'll do a posting of how the USMC delt with assholes shooting mortars at us.
My kids are older than most of my troops, so I don't give a shit about myspace or assbook or any of that stuff. If somebody wants to tell me what they did all day at work or school, send me an e-mail. If someone wants to see what I did, go read the news paper. God, are we gettin' grumpy or what dude?