12 February 2009

The 2nd Admendment to the US.......

From the Cop side: In response the Sergeant Grumpy's blog for today...
Many years ago I was on patrol in a small city I worked in. I had been a cop for all of about 6 months. As Joe Friday might say: "I was working the night watch out of the central beat, it was warm and clear in the city...." or something like that. In a city of about 24,000 people, we only had 2 cops and a supervisor on duty.

I was dispatched to a strange person who had run up to the front door of a house and tried to walk in to the house. The owner yelled at the guy, and the nut ran away.

We got several more calls on this nut running around the neighborhood, trying to open doors. Every time we got a call on the guy, we arrived and couldn't find him anywhere. He was fast.

We couldn't figure out what he was up to...but he was trying to get into a house, but so far he had been scared off by the people living there.

Then it happened...he came to another house with the front door unlocked. He opened the door and ran inside. The "man of the house"-- MOTH, told his wife to grab the kids and lock themselves in the bed room...while the man grabbed his Remington Model 870 pump action 12 ga shotgun. He found the stranger in the hallway trying the bedroom doors.

The "MOTH" pointed the big ass Remington Model 870 pump action 12 ga shotgun at the burglar and racked the slide. Now, if you've never heard the sound of a Remington Model 870 pump action 12 ga shotgun being racked while it was pointed at you...then, let me explain. It sounds 100 times louder than it really is. When I've done the same thing to mis-creatants on Felony Car Stops, It always gets their attention.

The burglar dude ran into the hall bathroom and locked the door. When I arrived a minute later, the MOTH was pointing the Remington Model 870 pump action 12 ga shotgun at the bathroom door. I'm glad the very good dispatcher had asked if he had a firearm in the house and informed me that he was arming himself with the shotgun. As I walked down the hallway, the MOTH pointed the big ass shotgun at the floor, and told me he was the person who called, I took his shotgun, and checked it to insure it in fact had a round in the chamber...then told the asshole locked in the bathroom to come out as "I had a shotgun and was going to start shooting through the door."

He came out...with wet pants. I took him away to a place where he belonged without firing a shot.

However, almost 30 years later, I wonder what would have happened if that home owner didn't have that shotgun.

I support the right of good citizens to own guns. We can not always get there in time. And the bigger the gun, the more likely you won't have to actually pull the trigger.

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