05 February 2009

Dumb Question Award

From the Cop side: I know I don't tell a lot of cop stories...I guess I'm afraid I might upset or offend some dumbass, or get a "citizen's complaint." But, if you want to follow me around the last week I work before I retire, please bring a video camera....because I'm going to tell some of these dumbasses what I really think of them.
Like today for example. I was dispatched to a "medical aid" call. It was no big deal cause I didn't have to blow into a dead person's mouth or stop a sucking chest wound from bleeding out...
Nope, just a simple call. The usual gang from the Fire Department shows up...they always send a big ass fire engine cause' that's all the have to go places in. Then the meat wagon, excuse me, I mean the "Rescue Paramedics" show up with another truck.
Both of these vehicles are usually left running so the battery won't die cause' they leave all kinds of flashing pretty lights and stuff on.
I go help the poor lady who was having a bad day....then the fire dudes show up. Every thing's going good. Then some "crazy lady" (you can tell they are crazy because they look crazy) shows up...and she says to me: "Officer, I need to ask you a question..."

Like it was really urgent or something....and there we were doing stuff.
So I step away from the patient and fire dudes and go to the lady who looks crazy and she says: "why do they leave the engines running... the fire department left the engines running and people have to walk past those trucks and I think they're wasting fuel...and they shouldn't do that."

I took a breath, counted to 10, so I didn't slap the dumbass. (good for her and good for me.)
I gave her some answer that even impressed the fire dudes who were also thinking of slapping her for getting in the way...and the dumbass lady left.

If you know someone who is a dumbass...please tell them to not come up to a medical emergency etc and ask stupid questions...for it might be my last day at work before I retire and I might slap the shit out of them.


Anonymous said...

I go help the poor lady who was having a bad day....you gotcher eupehmisms and then you got your euphemisms...haaaa. I GOTto rmemeber this for when I'm having a bad day.

Anonymous said...

Yep...I'd say she gets the award, alright.