12 March 2012

Another Baghdad Carpet Ride....

From the Soldier side:  My daughter in law kept the e-mails I sent from Iraq in 2004—05.  She sent them to me as I didn’t keep them.  It’s funny reading this.  Did I actually write this?  It seems like somebody else wrote it when I re-read it in 2012. 

Another Baghdad Carpet Ride

We went out again yesterday. But by the time we got back, I was too tired to even eat much less e-mail. I have to admire some of our TEAMS who go out almost every day in their little convoy with Humvees.

I was a passenger with the Team Leader of this trip... I had my own "job" to do at the location we were going, so it was easier to ride with someone already going there instead of setting up our own convoy.

Traffic was heavy in Baghdad and as usual, Hajji was having a difficult time driving. Cars and trucks were breaking down all over...each one we suspected was another VBIED.

The gunner yells, "One from the right, as he swung his belt fed .5.56 mm machine gun around to counter any threat....thank God (or Allah) the driver saw us and stopped the required distance.

We were moving at 55 MPH, when traffic stopped....no reason that we could see. So we stop at a good distance and covered 360 degrees...traffic starts moving again...and we get into the passing lane.

All we can do to move traffic is tap the vehicle horn, yell and flash our headlights. I swear the horn on the Humvee is the same little "Beep" we used to have on the Jeeps. The horn is useless. I'm going to order a 24 volt real truck horn when I get a chance...

Somehow most of the cars moved out of the way...except one idiot. He looked up in his mirror but would not move over. I figured he used to be in the Ba'ath party or something and was trying to piss us off.

The truck commander told the driver to "let him know we are here." a light tap on the back of Hajji's car and he moved over quick. Wish I could do that in the patrol car back home.

We made it to our mission,,,and back. It was hot, over100 F. When I got back to our "home" I had to take a nap...then I saw almost everyone else who went out was doing the same thing.

"OK, maybe I'm not just getting old." I have to admire these men and WOMEN who go out and do this everyday! Oh, did I mention the .50 cal gunner was a 19 year old female PFC? The gunner on our vehicle is from California Nat Guard and he's only 42.

One Weekend a month, yeah my .....ass


Finding terrorist so they can meet Allah!

In IRAQ putting the "fun" into Dysfunctional.......


Old NFO said...

Yep, totally different perspective... and a lot NOT said in that email too!

Coffeypot said...

It's not only the heat that tires you out. The stress of being alert the whole time is what gets ya. I feel the same thing when I first met my in laws.

Wrexie said...

Did you ever get a higher voltage horn for your missions? Sounds like a roadrunner could have beeped louder.

I'm hoping to get to shoot a Barrett .50 cal soon. I'll let you know if I'm actually that lucky.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Old NFO, I never said much in my e-mails.
Coffey...Yep, just like that, 'cept we knew it'd be over in a year.
Wrx, Never did get to order the louder horns...beep beep...
Warning on the Fifty cal, make sure you keep your face back from the scope or you'll get a smashed head.