02 December 2011

Guns Up!

From the Cop and Soldier side:  Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile…been busier than a one legged man at the World Cup Soccer Match. 

A funny thing happened to me the other day…since I started working part time at the Police Department I had retired from to help with some special things….the subject of guns came up.  The new police Chief asked me how many guns I had. 

I didn’t know.  I had to stop and count on my fingers….and toes…..and then I went home and opened my gun safe and found one I had forgotten my brother gave to me a few months ago….then I realized I might have a problem.

I checked to see if there was such a place as Gun aloholics  anonymous, but no such thing.  Then I thought back over the 30 plus years of police work and Army/ National Guard work….and how many times I was called upon to either run a range, or another officer would ask for me when they had taken an “odd gun” in and didn’t know how to unload it. 

And now, one of my part time jobs since retiring is teaching good citizens, cops and others how to shoot or shoot better.  So, did all those years of reading every gun book and magazine pay off? 

I like to shoot.  I like to teach others to shoot…and work on guns. 

We got a brand new 1911 .45 in the shop the other day…it was made by one of those custom makers that charge more than my first pickup truck cost….but worth every penny.  I picked the pistol up and somebody thought I was about to drool on it.  I couldn’t help it….
I guess I have a problem. 

When I teach firearms, the FIRST thing I cover is SAFETY.  I found a song that’s popular on the radio that discusses firearms safety….(you have to see the lyrics to get it.) 

 I don’t just shoot and teach on military and police firearms, but I love shooting almost anything.  I’m still working on collecting firearms from every country I’ve been to… or was carried by soldiers from other countries whom I worked with at some point.  I get some strange things…
                                          Can you figure out what kind of revolver this is?

One of the things I loved about running Army/National Guard weapons ranges was getting to shoot stuff for free.  Like the:  M249 SAW MACHINE GUN

And, the Future Best shot:


TheNewMagoo said...

Well, as you know, i'm terribly English so i don't have anything constructive to say about those gun things, so i'll just have to limit it to:

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! Look at those chubby little arms! And those chubby little cheeks!
I bet she has some seriously nom-able toes!

Anonymous said...

Russian Nagant revolver.

SAM said...

The revolver is either a Smith & Wesson .38/200 British Service or a Smith & Wesson Military & Police (Model 10)

CI-Roller Dude said...

New MG, yes, she's a doll...and oh what a smile.

Yes, it's a 1895 Russian Nagant 7.62mm (.32) revolver sitting on top of a H&K USP 9mm. Sorry SAM.

el chupacabra said...

Man, I KNEW that one. The story of my life: a day late and a dollar short...

The M249- the best light machinegun on the planet. One of the best investments the US military ever made and the funnest machinegun I ever shot.

My only complaint with it ever, was it's deployment (which a lot of units have rectified). My peeve can be found in it's identifying acronym: SAW- squad automatic weapon. It should have been the fire support weapon down to the smallest tactical level- with probably double the presence it had- especially in it's earliest issue. We believed for far too long we had to have at least a medium machinegun to provide a base of fire. That's fine, but the good, multiple light machineguns with tons of ammo dispersed throughout a fire team/squad/platoon could do was compromised for a long time.

Funnest IS a word, look it up.

CI-Roller Dude said...

El C,
In the history of the "Squad Auto Rifle" the BAR was the first...later they came up with a limtied number of M14s that had bi pods and fired full auto---but were impossible to actually control and hit anything with.
Then they had the "AR" Automatic Riflemen"
2 per squad and EVERYBODY else was supposed to fire semi auto and let the AR fire full auto.

My feelings are is have 2 SAWs per squad, one or two 7.62 mm MGs per platoon...and 1 or 2 50 cals per company...

So many "other" no combat MOSes in the Army didn't know what they were really supposed to have.

When I was in Iraq and "borrowed" an M60 from my Nat Guard unit...it was awsome.

lorraine said...

Hi. I don't seem to know how to send this link and have it actually work - I'm not a techie for sure - but this guy has posted such a funny mock up of Glock vs 1911. My brother is a gunacoholic also and he explained a little about both guns to me and this became even funnier. I don't know much about guns but I think they are a work of art and everyone should be able to own one responsibily without interference. You are doing a great service in keeping people safe and learning to be responsible with their guns. As a nurse I have often seen the results and had to tend to the consenquences of irresponsible use of weapons. That little bundle in pink will enjoy learning from her Grandpa. She will be getting a great education. Take care, have fun and enjoy every shot you take.


CI-Roller Dude said...

That pretty much sums it up...Glocks were trying to take over the world. Many "new" shooters buy one, then when they try a really nice 1911, they convert and become true believers.

Old NFO said...

It's ONLY fun to shoot if you don't have to load the belts... Ammo monkeys are nice!

CI-Roller Dude said...

Old NFO...the ammo came in cans with the belts loaded...we'd only have to change rounds if adding tracers.

Odysseus said...

The Nagant had some interesting ideas for improving a revolver, unfortunately they got lost in some really bad execution.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Ody, Yes, one good idea--gone wrong. I can load and unload a Colt 1873 faster and have better hitting force and accuracy. The Nagant is about the most inaccurate gun I've ever shot. A 3 foot group at 7 yards.