02 February 2011

What's a Page View?

From the Blogger side:  Most of the people who know me know that I totally lack the ability to do something like a blog.  I can actually take an entire computer apart and rebuild it.  The electronics parts doesn't bother me.  It's crap like software.  For me to use any software, I'll first look at it and ask: "Is this some shit I really need to use for anything useful?" 
Then, if I think it might be useful, I'll give it about 3 hours.  If I can't figure it out in 3 hours or less, I throw it away.  Kind of like some of the software they "trained" us to use when I deployed to Bosnia and Iraq.  We sat through a week of training and I asked the trainers from Man Tech: "who came up with this shit?  It sucks.  It's like 1980's software and it's totally useless." 

They argreed with me, but none the less, we had to suffer throught the stupid training.  In the end...out of a class of about 50 soldiers, only 5 computer geeks could use all the software....and then when we got to Iraq, we were not even using those programs. 

Anyway, my point today is...my blog site had a new thing I added...called "Page Views." 
I'm not really sure WTF that is, does that mean everytime somebody views one of the pages on my blog it counts it?  So, if it's at 15,000 plus...does that mean the 3 or so people who actually read this stuff have looked 5,000 times each? 

(Nobody who knows me in real life could think I actually do blogging.... One of the great secrets of the CI Roller Dude.) 


Coffeypot said...

What’s a Page View? Well if you name is Monica, it’s a couple of nuts.

You must get a lot of spam, they count, too, ya know.

J said...

You've been checked out over 15,000times. Wow. You be hot. ;)

powdergirl said...

I don't know what the meaning of "page views"is , I'm computer illiterate.

Really? No ones stumbled upon your blog and recognized you from your pic's or anything??? Huh.

I was a "secret blogger" too, but somehow it didn't stay secret AT ALL. Which is just weird when you consider that there's, like 900 million blogs in the sphere. Go figure : /

CI-Roller Dude said...

CP, I suspect it's mostly spam...I'll forward the E.D. stuff to you.

J, nope, just average.

PG, I've had a few nuts and dirtbags when I just allowed anybody to leave a comment.

Opus #6 said...

Page views are what advertisers look for. They want people to see their ads.

Anyone can get google ads. But some of the better-paying services demand about 500 page views per day in order to post ads.

Paxford said...

Yes - the number of hits you've gotten= page views.

Do you also check the "Audience" section? that tells you where the traffic is coming from (apparently I have some ardent followers in Russia... which amuses me no end since nothing I write is ever that interesting)


Anonymous said...

1. You are pretty high speed, just to use all the junk they stuff in a modern patrol car.
2. Favorite daughter did an internship with the Department of the Army last summer.
3. Office was full of forty and fifty somethings, high in the steps of their GS ratings.
4. Lockheed Martin provides computer support to that lot.
5. Rep was a certified "nice guy."
6. All requests for support were carted back to LM, answers returned in 2 to 6 months.
7. Daughter is completely dialed in, writes code, tolerates Microsoft, loves Apple.
8. Spent a good portion of her time flitting from cube to cube, solving problems, instructing on how to use software, fixing problems, etc.
9. Could usually get stuff working in a few minutes that had LM puzzling for months.
10. Had to be on the QT because she was taking serious bites from LM's rice bowl.
11. Until the internship, computers
were a sideline -she defers to her boyfriend who knows much more than she does.
12. Based on several conversations on the topic, he could cruise through life and never pay a dime, using his computer skills.
13. The boy appears to be honest, tho. The hell of it is, his major is biochemistry.
14. Makes you wonder about the kids studying computer sciences.
V/R JWest

Jay said...

Huh? Page view? Isn't that something you do when reading a good book.