09 February 2011

I know some hero dudes and women...

From the Retired Soldier side: As I was walking about my cop job today....I like to get out and do good ol' fashion foot patrols and talk to citizens.... I was talking to a civilian employee who works for the same government agency my police department works for.

This nice lady was talking about some vet, and she said: "you guys are war heroes!"
I looked at her, and I said: "I'm not a hero, but I was lucky to have worked with a few in Iraq.”

I just read one of the blogs I have over on the side (look over there on the right…further down…there..)

I do tell people who care and listen, in my case, I actually enjoyed my deployment. In my case, I think my many, many years of police work and advanced training in dealing with stress helped me make it through and look at it as something somebody needed to do.

A lot of our troops have been or are still getting shot at, blown up, and everything else. But what is being done for them when they get home? Not enough.

If you “Support the Troops” then think about what YOU can do to keep supporting them when they get
home. We’re having too many lost when they get home. I have volunteered to be and “adviser” at a local college to help the vets. I was an NCO for over 20 years….and I can still help the troops…even the ones who’ve taken off the uniform.

Go read Embrace the Suck (that’s one of the saying we used for our wars) http://onemp.blogspot.com/

OK, I’ll get off my soap box.


Coffeypot said...

Not a soap box at all. We all need to be talking more and trying to do more for these troops. Keep it up, Dude.

Wrexie said...

Yep. I was glad to see Mud Puppy back and doing better.

The other day our small town headlines read of a 39 year old retured vet who held his ex wife hostage for 4 hours...released her, then shot himself. The kids had run acroccs the street to safety.
Why isn't more GOOD help availiable?

You're right, supporting our troops means when they come home too...

good post, copper.

Mud Puppy said...

Hey, you've been a cop since I was fucking 1. Just thought you'd appreciate being reminded of something like that.

But seriously, I appreciate the vote of confidence and the support.

I'm not going to lie, Afghanistan was a motherf#$%*R

But writing has gotten me through it all. And guys and gals like you reading my bullshit has made it even more therapeutic.

So, it my own profane way...thanks.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Coffee, Yep, you're right.

WRX, we need to do more to help all of them, in the service and when they get out.

Mud Puppy, So are you sayin' I've had more time in the chow line than you were in the army?
I never liked telling people how long I've been doing shit... I just like to do it.

When you're up to it, write a book.
I started my book on Iraq...

Anonymous said...

1. Find my advice to be pretty worthless.
2. Pony up for Fisher House, Soldier's Angels, etc.
3. Money seems to work better.
4. Telling some young fellow who is having nightmares and trouble sleeping, and so forth, that things will get better after a while is pretty much a non-starter.
5. Wish Mud Puppy all the best -and a thank you for protecting us.
6. And, yeah, things will get better over time.
V/R JWest