25 September 2009

What's up with the Special Olympics song?

From the Soldier side: Somebody asked why I put the "Special Olympics" song on the music sidebar. Well, when I ran across this song the other day, I reminded me of some of my leaders in both my Bosnia deployment and Iraq.
Some of us "citizen" Soldiers often would speculate about what kind of jobs some of our leaders could do if they were civilians.
Many of them could have run a large cooperation (into the ground and made them go bankrupt.)

A few were truly good leaders who (or is it "whom") I would have followed anywhere... and others I would not have followed to the mess hall because they would have become lost.
This weekend, I hope to have time to write more about some of them.
Can I use the word "retard" without offending somebody?


Coffeypot said...

As Larry the Cable Guy sings to the tune of Frosty the Snowman:

I’m Frosty the Retard, an eight gallon water-head.
I’m five foot three and when you look at me
I giggle and say, “HuhHuhHuh, I like Tatertots.”

But you can plug in your favorite officer in place of Frosty.

Marian said...

no you may not use the word "retard" without offending someone. just use the word dipshit, dope, clueless, pea brain, brainless, twit,....having said that I won't be offended, cause I know what you mean and it's nothing personnal

CI-Roller Dude said...

I'm going to hell anyway, so I suspect it don't matter.