30 September 2009

Comments worth posting....

From the Soldier side: Every now and then, I have a reader who post very good comments. I think this dude should do a blog...so I'm going to post his last comments. Like I often said, we did our jobs despite the lack of equipment and leadership. In many cases, we had to purchase our own batteries from the PX to use issued equipment...then found the equipment didn't work anyway.

Anonymous said...
1. Have no brief for Mr. Rumsfeld.
2. Know a fellow who served as one of his military secretaries. His description of Rumsfeld's behavior towards his subordinates is beyond belief.
3. His statement: "You go to war with what you have," is simple truth.
4. His minimalist notions of war fighting haven't served us well.
5. We didn't go to war with what we had -we went to war with what he thought was necessary. He was wrong.
6. The notion of heavily armed young men wandering through Afghan villages as peace ambassadors isn't right either.
7. Let's face it. Once you see people you know get hurt, you want to get some back. Did forty years ago. Do now, too.
8. Takes strong leadership to keep that from happening. The leaders down in the trenches are young and feel the same way as the men they lead.
9. Most of the Afghans are ignorant peasants, but they are not stupid. They know the score. Same same for VN.
10. Back to going to war with whatever.
11. Had this notion that the light weights I trained and shipped out with would be replaced by Sgt. Rock and his men when it came time to go outside the wire.
12. Was surprised to find myself patrolling with the same weak lot I knew all along.
13. The troops I see today are a lot closer to my ideal than my reality of long ago.
14. Part of that is factual and part of that is knowing what to look for in a good troop.
15. Standards are higher, no doubt, and quality is better.
16. You want better, still.
17. I'm just damn glad we're better than we were.
18. You got around Iraq more than anybody I know of. The professional knowledge and behaviors that you describe or allude to helped that to happen successfully


Coffeypot said...

You are right, Dude. JWest does need his own blog. I have been reading his comments for a while now and I am very impressed with what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

1. Surprised and honored that you think that well of my commentary.
2. Am on the outside, looking in.
3. My stuff is only relevant as an add-on.
4. The CI Roller Dude is about whatever you want it to be, but at it's core comes down to leadership and professionalism.
5. Have recommended it to quite a few young men -as well as some of my ancient cronies.
6. Read you for awhile and you'll learn something -and maybe get a laugh.
7. You are like the senior NCO's I knew in my youth -except you can speak more than 3 words at a time.
8. I look forward to each new entry.
V/R JWest

Anonymous said...

I agree Mr. West.
Roller Dude is all about good leadership and professionalism.

AND he's VERY funny. This is an excellent blog, as are your comments, sir.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I have to let everyone know, I pay people to write nice comments. You shouldn't see the ones I cut out.

Coffeypot said...

UUUHHHH! I guess my check is in the mail, then. I'm waiting by the mailbox.