15 November 2007

Morons as Leaders, We survived Iraq anyway

From the Soldier side: Some e-mails I got about my last entry... made me have flashbacks to my year in Iraq. Although I'm in the California Army National Guard and I deployed as far as Kuwait with my Calif. unit, once in Kuwait, a Regular Army unit grabbed a bunch of us.
At first I thought this would have been a good thing. However, I quickly learned that the "new Army" is nothing like the good old Army I had served in years before.
The unit I was attached to was run by blithering idiots. From the Battalion Commander down to the Company level. I was so happy when my team got sent out on long missions and got to work with cool people like the USMC.
How stupid was this Regular Army unit? The first sergeant wanted us to have stand up formations outside every morning--- and we were only 100 meters from the camp wall. On the other side of the wall was Baghdad.
My first self appointed mission when I took over as the NCOIC of the teams was to make sure the company "leaders" didn't poke their noses into what our teams did. Our teams were very special and the company was only supposed to get us beans and bullets. They didn't do very well on the second part and had no idea of the tactics required to move about outside the camp.

Oh well, I could go on for hours.

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Jane said...

Heavy sigh! I am troubled by this and wish your "regular Army" leaders some wisdom. I just know that up here in Las Vegas we are very thankful for the military doing its job. I applaud your courage and your candor. Please stay safe.