18 November 2007

He was driving what?

From the Soldier side: Anyone who's been "outside the wire" in Iraq has seen one of these. It's an Iraqi Taxi. They are white and orange, usually a Toyota, but I've seen other brands.
Once we were helping out a unit who'd just arrived in Iraq. I can't really say what help we were giving them, but they had one local who claimed some insurgent was driving a white and orange Toyota. The new unit didn't know that was about the most common type of car in the area we were in.
They sent out a patrol and on their list of wanted people was this guy driving a white and orange Toyota.
They brought in 7 people the first day out. Until we explained to them that the Iraqi Taxis were white and orange. oops.
This will be a good Thanksgiving for me...I'm home with my family. But I have several friends in Iraq who'll be eating KBR chow this year. Good luck guys.

Update to this issue: Someone e-mailed me and wanted to know where this picture was taken. Between Dec 2004 and when I left Iraq a year later, I was sent on so many missions all over Iraq that I lost track. I think it's Al Asad. I was based in Baghdad, went to Fallujah, etc etc. If I list all the places I went with and without my team, too many people might guess who I am.

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