12 May 2013


OK, If this blog was a job, I'd have been fired for slacking.  I have several good idear's coming up...just need time to write them up.  I have been going through shooting withdrawals for the past few months.  I can "sneak out" to the Sheriff's range, but ammo is hard to come by.  For a guy who used to shoot 100 or more rounds a week from pistols, I'm hurting.

I know there's lots of speculation as to why there's so little ammo, but the sad part is when I do find it, the prices are insane!

So if you have any of the following type of ammo, please send me some:

38 special/ 357 mag
9 mm
.40 cal
.45 ACP
45 Colt

Or anything else you have...

I just bought a new Kimber and got to shoot it the other day.  Nice, accurate and fits my hands just right.

For all you mothers, have a great Mother's Day.  Mom, we miss you.


LL said...

After searching diligently, I finally found a stable supply of .22LR. The rest are out there and I haven't found THAT much difficulty (with the exception of past difficulty with .22LR).

There are some calibers such as .460 where the supply was small to begin with and is still small.

The price of .22LR is up from what I used to pay. My contact works for Walmart and he buys it with his Walmart discount before it hits the shelves and then re-sells it with a 20% kicker, for a 30% profit. Capitalism at its finest.

Coffeypot said...

You will have an easier time finding cheap gas than any kind of ammo. I don't know the laws, but can you order ammo online from other countries?

Old NFO said...

Dang, I wuz gonna ask if YOU had any extra... And it's tough everywhere!

CI-Roller Dude said...

A place that I used to get a box of 9mm for around 10 bucks, was charging 70 bucks a box!
I refuse to pay more than about 10% above normal. If everybody refused these outrageous prices, things would get back under control.