27 May 2012

Memorial Day is NOT Veteran's Day you dumbass

From the Soldier side: 
Memorial Day: is for those who lost their lives in a war.  It’s not for those of us who went to war…that would be Veteran’s Day.  Please get it right…the next knucklehead who messes it up I’m not going to be nice about it.  I’M STILL ALIVE DAMN IT!!!     


Coffeypot said...


Anonymous said...

1. Exactly right.
2. We've all got our remembered fallen. Pray Godspeed to them.
V/R JWest

Anonymous said...

1. Didn't want to sully my last comment with this dirt.
2. Fire yourself up: google "Chris Hayes MSNBC rhetorically proximate."
3. Doing a favor for the establishment media.
4. My rhetorically proximate ass.
V/R JWest