26 September 2011

Stolen Valor--- Fake Vets should be kicked in the ......

From the Soldier side (and some cop stuff):  If you’ve been following the great public service they’re doing over at  This Ain't Hell
 you've seen the best version of game elimination…this is better than any TV Game show…because they’re busting fake military vets.   And take a look at  Stolen Valor
When I was talking to somebody about this, they said: “well, they’re not hurting anybody are they?” 

Yes they are.  (and they really piss me off) The fake vets are hurting the memory of those who have given their lives for the defense of our country.  They also tell such huge lies most of the time, that they confuse honest people.  After having been a cop in California for 32 years, I have run into a boatload of fake vets.  One was such an asshole, he had a VA hospital card in his wallet.  This card would allow him free medical care at the VA Hospitals and clinics.  However, when I hauled his ass down to the county mental health unit, I asked him what service he was in. 

He said he was in the Army…so of course as most who fake being Army Vets, he said he was a Ranger and suffers PTSD from Granada.  Well, being that I was Army to, I asked him what his MOS (Military Occupation Specialty)…and he told me he was: “0311”. 

I asked him to clarify that he had been a Ranger, and he said yeah.  Then I challenged him and said that the MOS 0311 is for the USMC- Riflemen.  The US Army grunts are 11-B- or 11-C (I was an 11-C many years ago.)  He then said: “I lied, I was never in the Army.  I took his VA medical card away from him and mailed it to the VA with a letter suggesting that they ask for a person’s DD -214 before giving out help.  I had to wait a friggen’ year after getting home from Iraq before they could even tell me how to go to the VA, and this crazy asshole homeless person was getting help. 

I’ve met several cops who either totally lied about their military service, or made it sound more important than it was.  I know one who retired as a police sergeant a few years ago.  When I first met him about 25 years ago, he told me he had been in the USAF and was only stationed in the States during Viet Nam.  Later, he’d start wearing Viet Nam service medals on his off duty jacket, and had the ribbon on the back of his truck.  Now, everybody thinks he’s a Nam vet.  What’s wrong with that?  He’s a total nut job and gives Nam vets a bad name. 

Many, many years ago, I was working graveyard for the Police Dept…. one of the towns nearby had a nut job who lived in their town and would pull knives on his family etc.  He told the cops he had been a US Army Ranger in Viet Nam etc.  They asked me about what type of training he might have gotten so they could better know how to deal with him if it came to something.  I asked how old the guy was….he was 5 years younger than I was…so after doing some really simple math (cops can’t do math very well) I explained that it would have been impossible for this guy to have been to Viet Nam unless he went when he was about 10 years old.  I also told them to ask him the next time what his MOS was and if they could see his DD-214.  Turned out he had never even been In the Army.  (they ended up  shooting this nut job later---and I’m pretty sure if he’d really been a Ranger, he would have taken a few of them out.) 

Fake Vets often get all kinds of free money and stuff that’s designed for real vets.  They can take jobs form real vets, they can act like idiots and give all vets a bad name.  So the next time you find a person faking being a vet, kick him in the balls….if he has any.       
Fake Vets can photo shop themselves into real action photos...


el chupacabra said...

Doing public health I cannot tell you how many times I've been briefed on a patient and heard to the effect,"Tsk tsk, it's such a shame. He's a Nam vet. Poor guy. I've never seen one who wasn't a mess. Blah, blah, blah.

To a man none of the ones I'm thinking about had been out of the country IF they served at all.

I would hate to think some day someone would use the acid test of say naming my company commander (I honestly only remember his derogatory nickname) but there's not even a chance I'll ever forget where I was based or when asked,"What weapons did you use?" Say Uh, mostly machineguns...

I take it you've read Burkett's Stolen Valor? What a great, eye opening book.


CI-Roller Dude said...

El C, I ALWAYS Ask: "What did you do?, not "how long were you there" or some useless question.

Anonymous said...

1. They hang around the VN Memorial like flies on a wall.
2. My wife hauled me down there -thought it would be some kind of therapy, God help us.
3. Was fuming before I ever got in sight of the thing.
4. Reason I know they were fakes? Because they all were in diapers when that stuff was going on.
5. Anybody associated with that is seriously old and has been for some time.
6. BTW -no rangers in VN. The 75th Ranger regiment provided cadre for the school. None of the Battalions existed back then.
7. Several divisions had scout or ranger companies established by their commanders -but they weren't 'Ranger' units.
8. Tried to get in my division's version but was turned down.
V/R JWest

CI-Roller Dude said...

Mr West, there was one knuckelhead who showed up at the "wall" and the media took his pic. He was wearing an old uniform with a mix of patches from different branches...he looked like he was crying as he leaned on the wall. He told the news folks he was a Nam vet and had lost some friends there.
Turned out he was a homeless bum who'd never served one day and lied for attention. He should have been kicked in the balls.
And I have heard lots of folks who were "ranger, green berets, and SEALS" in Nam...but when I asked more questions, it was"all classified."
When I asked what the classification was, I usually got a blank look and "huh?"

CI-Roller Dude said...

..oh and by the way, years ago when I was a Boy Scout leader, we volunteered to stand by at the traveling wall when it came here...I was interested in all the names, the news paper guy came up and asked me if I served in Nam and I said: "no, and I don't know anybody on this wall either, but I came to show respect---and not ask stupid questions."

Anonymous said...

I was in the Air Force as Viet Nam was winding down in 1972-1973 stationed at Travis AFB..I am a Vietnam era veteran never actually serving there, but on active duty during that timeframe...I find it pretty unbelievable to witness such dishonesty and in fact have never heard the extent of it until I came unsuspecting to this site.. I expect these people if they were honest (which will never happen, by the way), would express distain and dislike for those of us who chose to serve in the military..I am still rather stunned by this and also amazed at the stupidity of those attempting to perpetrate this type of fraud...

CI-Roller Dude said...

Air Force, My first years of Active Duty Army were spent in West Berlin... we watched on AFN news as the evacuated Nam...
I got out, and many years later, I did 2 deployments- Bosnia (which I guess doesn't count) and Iraq.
I did Mess Kit Repair, did nothing special and would never consider doing anything like eating snakes and jumping out of perfectly good air planes.
any awards I earned were for beating my head against the walls many times... our just being somewhere. Just an average Joe.