08 September 2011

How did 9/11 change your life?

From the Soldier and cop side: September 11th 2001 changed both my police career and my military one. 
I read the local news paper this morning….asked a few locals where they were on 9/11.  To tell you the truth, I really couldn’t read everybody’s story because…since I live in a small town, the local paper puts out pretty boring stuff…  I thought it over and thought a better question and more interesting story might have been: “How did 9/11 change your life?” 

Please leave your comments…I’ll post about this in a few days. -CI Roller Dude


Coffeypot said...

It upped my hatred for all people who don't think like me.

Anonymous said...

1. Not much. Have been on the sidelines since well before 9/11.
2. Was in the AT business in the '80's -guarding special weapons for the Navy.
3. In some classified contingency docs, actually discussed terrorists using aircraft. Got a bunch of kudos for my prescience -except about 20 other folks discussed the possibility also. Mostly in connection with taking out nuclear power or storage facilities.
4. Everything I was taught back in the day, pretty much proved out.
5. Most foreign terrorists are much reduced in capability when they operate outside their culture.
6. Half of the 9/11 guys were in the hands of the US authorities at one time or another, then released. Would not happen today.
7. Despite claims to the contrary, young males of mideastern origin are being watched by the "big eye."
8. A few incidents have occurred, involving loners. Most of those were known extremists that were given the benefit of the doubt by PC superiors or associates.
9. The group plots have been teen and twenty-something posers, running their mouths. Ratted out, entrapped by the FBI, these clowns are doing hard time for running their sucks. A lesson to me?
10. Anyway, there is little the DHS can point to that constitutes a serious internal threat.
11. Hon. Ms. Napolitano is yapping about the white middle class being the threat.
12. In a sense, she has a point.
13. When being trained about terrorism and revolutionary movements, was noted that all of the major revolutions stemmed from the middle class: US, French, Russian, Chinese and Cuban.
14. The twentieth century revolutions were characterized by the victors immediately turning on and making a good faith attempt to eradicate the middle class.
15. The peasants (eg lower class) are no threat: they're working too hard to stay alive.
16. Anyway, thought of 9/11 more as an intelligence failure than the successful terror operation that it unquestionably was.
17. Have been called downtown and questioned about stuff a few times -those were unpaid days away from work. My opinions and advice were not what people wanted to hear.
18. Knew a couple people involved in the Pentagon incident, no one in NY.
19. Back to #1. Can't honestly say it has changed my life much. Gives me more to bitch about and some fine young men to cheerlead for.
V/R JWest

SAM said...

Well, 9/11 occurred, when I was still little.What I remember is all the headlines and front page of the newspaper is about 9/11 and photos of World Trade Center hit by aircraft and collapse. Now that I am old enough to think. 9/11 reminds me about the heroic policemen, fire fighters, Search and Rescue personnel, search and rescue K-9 dog and everyone who involve in the rescue of World Trade Center before and after it collapse.

Kanani said...

Let's just say it broadened my world considerably. I'm also incredibly grateful for what we have.