03 September 2010

Citizen’s rights to do…

From the Soldier side: As my retirement from the National Guard gets closer, I’ve been going through some old papers and crap I had in a foot locker in my garage. If you know any old vet, I’m sure he or she will have some silly shit that they’ve kept over the years. Little things sometimes…that if you’re not careful, they’ll end up in the trash can.

One of the little scraps I found was from Bosnia. While I was deployed there, one of my sons e-mailed me and told me of an incident that took place at one of the high schools in my home town.

This incident went like this in summary: Little Jonny went to school with an America flag on his jacket…the American flag was attached upside down. A few other bully type male juveniles decided that little Jonny was not a good American, so they kicked little Jonny’s ass. This is what I wrote as a letter to the Editor of the local news paper:

“Editor: I am a California Army National Guard Soldier who has been called up and been deployed to Bosnia. My son just e-mailed me the story about the ---- student who was assaulted by other students because he wore an American Flag upside down.

Well, as a citizen soldier who has many years in the regular Army and the National Guard, I would like to say that even though I wear the American Flag on my shoulder everyday (right side up) I will support everyone’s right to freedom of speech, including wearing the flag anyway they want.

If the people who assaulted this boy want to fight someone, please have them join the military as soon as they grow up. We do not want soldiers who cannot control their emotions. I think to use the flag as an excuse to annoy and assault another is not the American Way.

I might also add that the kid who wore the Flag upside down, seems to lack the survival skills required to be a good soldier.”

This was my way of saying all these kids were useless oxygen bandits.


Coffeypot said...

Having the flag upside down is a sign the Nation is in distress or danger. There were several peeps I use to work with who had the little desk flags flying upside down during the Clinton years.

Wrexie said...

Maybe the kid was upsidedown, not his shirt.

Thanks for protecting Ol' Glory for us for so long, soldier.

You'll keep writing even after you retire, yes????

CI-Roller Dude said...

Coffeeee, Yes, Bill was not one of our best presidents.

Wrexie, if Coffeepot can keep writing at his age, I figure I've got 30 or more years left of doing this. I'll have to start making up shit by then though.

Anonymous said...

nah you won't have to make it up, by that time you will be traveling on that cool motorcycle of yours telling us stories "from the road side".

Momma Fargo said...

Are you getting teary eyed toward your retirement? They are bittersweet moments when we say it's time to go. Keep blogging, tho, or else I know where you live. LOL.