16 April 2010

Good care packages....

From the Soldier side: Let me say something about all the really nice citizens out there that send stuff to support the troops in war zones. A few years ago, when I was in Iraq, the police department I was working for had a fund raising dinner thingy. There was some nice citizens there and one approached my old Police Chief and said: “We were sending packages to a soldier in Iraq, but he’s home now. Do you know of any troops who might need stuff?”

My old chief responded with: “Yep, one of my cops is in Iraq right now.”

I was contacted via e-mail and asked if there was anything we/I could use. I responded with: “yes, as a matter of fact, we could use some coffee.”

From that point forward, a very nice family started sending me boxes of Pete’s Coffee on a regular basis. When it was found that we actually had electric power, a grinder soon arrived so I could grind the beans fresh. This was a happy moment in my deployment.

Life was good. Despite the heat, stink, 35 pounds of body armor, convoys, random mortars, EIDs and all.

Then…a package arrived one day…with some “magic” stuff. Chocolate covered Coffee Beans. CCBs. I took these magic beans with me on one mission…since I’d never consumed such items in the past, I had no idea what I was in for.

After waiting 3 hours on the helicopter pad, we were getting hungary. Out came the CCBs and I started popping them down like candy…

A little while later, the Blackhawk lands and takes my team and me off to some other fucked up place in Iraq….and about 20 minutes into the flight, I felt like I was on speed or something. What a buzz!

I had to go into rehab when I got home.



Momma Fargo said...

Haha! Coffee beans are awesome...especially if you need pep in your step! Funny story. I can see how coffee would be totally awesome over there. I can't live without it.

Paxford said...

So CCB's - something you would recommend me sending to adoptee's or a "Heck No - Don't be Evil"??

[disclaimer.. I *like* being evil - latest adoptee just got water balloon launcher for their inter-team water war. My name is now golden! Bwhahaha!]

Coffeypot said...

Never heard of them, but it sounds like something I could use on my dog transports.

I can just see you now, laughing hysterically, turning around in circles, shooting your weapon in the air.