26 March 2010

Are YOU a US Citizen?

From the Private Citizen side:  Last week I took a trip down to the US/ Mexican border area. It was really very strange to see how active the US Border Patrol was in the area.  I had been on a mission on the California/ Mexican border in the early 1990's,  but this was even stranger.  I was told by some folks that when I was going to drive “north” to go home, I would likely have to go through a Border Patrol check point.

Wow. I still recall the “Check Points” during my tour in Iraq. The purpose of both is about the same I guess, but I was just a little bit surprised to be stopped so far into the United States of America.

I was told that they might ask some “odd” questions, like “are you a US Citizen?”
I had to stop and think how I would honestly answer that question. I think I am. However, when the question has come up during official things—like jobs, military matters and finally applying for a pass port, the answer has been kind of fuzzy at best.

You see, I don’t have a “normal” birth certificate like most US Citizens have. But, I do have another document that should proved that I am in fact a US Citizen…it’s just that this document seems so rare and odd, that most public officials are totally confused by it.  You see, my mom and dad were US Citizens, but since my dad was in the US Air Force, I was not born in the US.  (does that mean I can't run for President?) 
I do have some other items that should prove I am a US Citizen.

Luckily, when I stopped at the US Border Patrol check point, I was not asked the question. Thank God, ‘cause that might have created more confusion and I’m not sure if they would have detained me and deported me back to England or not.


Coffeypot said...

Dad in the Air Force and you being born in England...who would have know? You look so normal.

CI-Roller Dude said...

took years of practice to look "normal."

Paxford said...

LOl - he may act "normal" but his sense of humour is international :)


LL said...

I would tell them that I'm every bit as American-born as the Commander-in-Chief...

CI-Roller Dude said...

Pax, I can appear "normal" in most countries.

LL, Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm more American. I just have funny paperwork to prove it.