24 November 2009

Thanksgiving in other lands....

From the Soldier side: As Thanksgiving will soon be here, it brings back some found memories of some thanksgivings I've had while on deployments. When we were in Bosnia in Nov 03', our team was still at a smaller camp. There were only about 40 soldiers there and I thought it was great. We didn't have all the MWR (Recreation) crap that they had at the big camp (Eagle Base) but we made our own fun. The highest ranking soldier on our camp was a 1st LT.
When our captain at Eagle Base called us and said: "You guys can drive down here for Thanksgiving, and get off your little camp if you want."
We said:"Thanks, but no thanks sir, we prefer it up here."
Now you might ask: "why would you prefer to be at the small camp and not got down to the big base and enjoy Thanksgiving with the rest of your friends?"

Because there were no assholes at our little camp! The cooks were great and they made a great meal. When we were done, we drove into town and had more fun...stuff you just couldn't do at the big base with the 9 sergeant majors, 78 majors, 6 full bird cols, and hundreds of other useless frigging' officers and assholes. Nope. Camp Cody was the place to be. I invited the asshole captain to come and join us, but he was afraid to leave.

A year later...we were in the middle of the Kuwait desert standing in line in a little sand storm waiting to get into the mess hall for our Thanksgiving dinner. We hated Kuwait so bad that some of us were ready to walk to Iraq. The camp there sucked so bad. For every meal you ate a side of sand. You drank sand, you inhaled sand and you shit sand. We were so miserable....I never thought I'd be happy to go to a war zone just to get out of a shitty place like Kuwait.
I hate to tell all them Gulf War vets, but you fought for Kuwait and it ain't' worth shit....and the Thanksgiving there sucked.

So enjoy your dinner this year and please don't drink and drive because I'll be working my cop job and I love to arrest drunk drivers.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving D...

No sand in your turkey this year, I hope. Hmmm... I may have some in mine though. I'll keep the windows closed.

Coffeypot said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Dude. I bet there will be no Bird Cols. at your dinner table. And you be careful, too. Those drunks can still do damage. But if you do have to give a wood shampoo, give it one stroke for me.

I'll be home alone. Everyone else has plans and I'll be at the Waffle House. Just the way I like it.

Citizen Soldier said...

Now that was a good read. Thanks for your comments, I always appreciate them. Have a great day today and I hope you and your family are great. I got your advise stay away from Kuwait.

Emperor said...

Haha big Sgt! God, I wish I had more chances to go to smaller FOBs. We had at least three Sgt Majs at Bucca..and I have a sneaking suspicion we had a Sgt Maj Ninja, who snuck around just to catch us off guard!

Oh, and btw. The Dew can in Arabic translates phonetically to "Mounteen Dou". :P