13 November 2009

More dumb things in BiH....

From the Soldier side:
I told one of my "Dumb things I did" stories last week.... Looking back, I realize that the really dumb things I've gotten messed up in during my life as a solder, cop and dumbass kid growing up...were things others had gotten me into. I usually have better judgement, and by the time I was into my 30's, I had learned many lessons. Then came National Guard deployments and some really fu---- stupid leaders. (There were some good ones to!)

....but somehow I survived. This story was another example of how my team leader in Bosnia got me into another dumbass situation. He was always trying to impress somebody. He'd claim he could do all kinds of great things, then turn around and have me do whatever he had said he could do. If it worked out, guess who took the credit. If it didn't work out, then it was my fault.

So...getting on with the story. One day he was having coffee with some "other" folks who were in Bosnia to help fix shit. These "other" folks were pretty good people, many of whom I liked a lot and worked with many times when we were there. They were not from the US, but they were friends. My team leader was always trying to impress people...a very type A (for asshole) personality. He was one of those people, who when you first worked with him, you liked alot. But when you really learned what a fake POS he was, you learned to not like him.

He could do anything. If you don't believe me, just ask him. He'll tell you. So, he was having coffee with these "other" guys and they told him about some kind of bombs that some kids had found. My team leader said: "We can take care of them....no problem."

We were not E.O.friggen' D. We were, "Mess Kit Repair" and picking up bombs and stuff was not something we were equipped to do. But, my team leaders said "we" could. He found out where to go.

Then, we loaded up our Humvee and got all our gear and I found some "tools" to do such stuff. I had the team ready to go and the Team Leader tells me: "I'm kind of busy, can you guys go without me?"

Sure, asshole. We'll go, because we're good soldiers.

To be cont.


Coffeypot said...

I thought ALL officers were like that.
GETTING THINGS DONE THROUGH OTHERS (and take all the credit for the success becasue you chose all the right people)

CI-Roller Dude said...

In this case, the dumbass team leader was a former officer. Since he thought he was too good to go to the next officer school he needed to stay an officer, they gave him the boot.
He came back as an NCO...but still thought he was an officer.