10 July 2009

Why did they protest here?

From the Citizen side: I'm going off my normal track today. I don't normally talk about politics, current events and stuff like that. My number one rule in regards to politics is: "I hate it."

They who dabble in that stuff and run for office are so often out for themselves and their "cause." I'll leave them to their stupidity.

However, somebody asked me why a few weeks ago, why Iranian/ American citizens did a protest walk on the Golden Gate Bridge (in San Francisco, CA). I answered: "Because they could without getting shot."

If they protest in most other crappy third world countries, they get beaten and shot. I have a "source" who told me that in Iran when the family went to pick up their dead from the protest in that country...the police charged them for the ammo they expended. The cost? About $5,000 coverted to US Dollars.

Now, a lot of you may think that everyone in some of these "crappy countries" is not worth worrying about...but keep in mind that in most of these places, they have a lot of good citizens who'd just love to come to America! I was lucky in my deployments...I got to "visit" with a lot of nice citizens in those countries. Some I actually liked a lot...and some who would make a great politician in this country...out for themselves.
Anyway, I'm glad they buried Mr Jackson...can we stop hearing about him now. During this "crisis" we lost lots of good troops in our 2 wars going on....where were they mentioned in the news?


coffeypot said...

About the only thing that gets under my skin and bugs me to distraction anymore is politics. How some of these people think is beyond me. I try to ignore it, but I can't. But you are right, CI-Dude, this is about the only country in the world where one can demonstrate with out fear of being shot or beaten by the authorities.

Red said...

Excellent point CI-Roller Dude; I completely agree that we have heard enough about Jackson's death!