20 July 2009

More "Free Medical Care....

From the Soldier side: I want to thank everybody who gave a little input on what they had for medical coverage. I guess I am spoiled.
When I was growing up, my dad was in the Air Force...so we had totally free medical care. Then I went into the Army when I was 18...and again...free medical care.
But then I got out and went to college. ( I figured I needed some smarten' up...not sure a degree did much good.)
Then I got into police work...and, depending on which police department I was working for...the department provided medical coverage. For most of the last 20 plus years, I was on the contract bargaining team. My point of view was that we should always maintain medical coverage for employees with a family... that was my standard. How much did I think the employee should pay? Not a dime. Remember my up bringing...Free Medical Care.
Some departments in our area pay a little more on the salary side, but the employees with families have to pay a lot out of pocket for the medical.
When I first heard that the newest President was going to provide medical coverage for everyone...I thought it was a pretty good idea. But as I heard more and more confusing versions of how it would be done. I got totally confused. I "googled" the heck out of the topic and I'm still confused. The problem is: Any time politicians get involved in a good idea, they change it around until it's a mess.
I say keep it simple. If you are a citizen of this country, you should be allowed to have some kind of medical coverage. If you work, go to school full time, are (really) disabled, you'd get some kind of plan that is cheap enough to afford. If you are a bum, drug addict POS, you came here illegally to commit crimes etc, you get nothing. If you are retired, you'd get a plan that you could afford. If you served in the military in a war zone, you'd get free medical coverage while going to school /or until you found a new job. The Federal Government waste more money in a week than this would cost for a year.
My employer pays up to about $1,200 a month for employees with a family. I can get "Tri Care" through the National Guard for about $200 a month--- and the coverage is about the same. Why is that?
The politicians are just screwing a simple thing.
My next War Story " Shithook 46 down"


Opus #6 said...

Just because I am against Obamacare, doesn't mean I don't believe in reform. There is plenty to reform. But going Euro socialist/communist is the wrong medicine.

Citizen Soldier said...

You are absolutely right. Maybe if they stop lining there own pockets and start doing the job they were voted in for. I think that maybe they should get paid for there performance, if it is good then pay good and if it is bad start taking some back. I pay for my insurance and it is good and I am glad I have it. Thanks for the great blog.

CI-Roller Dude said...

O #6- I have the "Cold War Certificate" I stood in West Berlin and looked at the commies for 2 years when "the Wall" was there. It sucks and we don't want that form of Gov.
But, I still think every Citizen should have health care-- but not some form of commiee crap.

CS- Yep, we're lucky to have H.C. When you deploy, you'll have Tri Care for your family--it's not too bad--but make sure you understand it and all the admin crap is done.

Red said...

I completely agree that as soon as the politicians become involved in anything that even remotely resembles a good idea, they screw it up

jennifer said...

I read your comment on Sarge Charlie's blog about being thankful when you were shot at in Iraq, that they had lousy aim.

I had to sit for a minute and think on that. Spoken like it was just another day at the office and yet you were !!!SHOT!!! at... my word.

I had to come to your blog and tell you Thank you for your service Sir.

I am thankful for the men and women of our military who are serving our Nation, home and abroad.

Be blessed.

CI-Roller Dude said...

It wasn't due to bad aim, it was the lack of aim that we were not hit. Our "overwatch" team saw the guy shooting, but couldn't safely return fire due to women and kids in the area.
Thanks for your comments, but I'm not a sir, I work for a living.

coffeypot said...

Dude, I think it is a good idea that will not work. First of all, every thing the government touches is screwed up within a year. The cost of HC for the country will bankrupt us and we will be begging China (even North Korea) for money to bail US out. It is a difficult subject and very convoluted, but for me the bottom line is No Way José.

CI-Roller Dude said...

OH, we don't want the govt to run health care in most cases. What I think is, all employers should provide employees a medical plan. Then bargain for who or how it's paid for. Either you get a really good health plan and less salary, or more salary and you pay for the HC...
If you retired, then you should have an account you and the employer put money into.
If you are a bum, here illegally, on drugs etc...you get shit.
If you are disabled, or some other problem, then the gov helps you out.
The Federal Gov would screw up a soup sandwich.

Kanani said...

Swing by my day2day blog, Easy-Writer and you'll find a few things I've written about healthcare. I have many years in the industry and know it well.

I can get "Tri Care" through the National Guard for about $200 a month--- and the coverage is about the same. Why is that?

It's because with TriCare, the costs are contained if you're active duty and are obtaining care via an on-base facility. In other words, the MD's and staff are on salary, there is no malpractice and operating expenses are covered as well.

Your employer is paying into a program which is contracted and subcontracted through a variety of healthcare industry entities. You'll have to read my blog, and you'll get a better idea of how many layers of bureaucracy there are not necessarily started by the government, but by the private industry.