31 January 2009

Hey, what did you expect?

From the Soldier side: I very, very good friend of mine, who was one of my bosses in Iraq, is now in Asscrackastan. He moved out of Calif, so he had to join another National Guard unit in that state.... so this is my friend's second deployment, second war.
He e-mailed me and told me how his unit issued his types a M-9 pistol and M16/M4 rifles, but forgot there's some things that go with pistols to make them work better. Let me explain:

A M-9 is a 9 MM semi auto pistol. It therefore needs MAGAZINES to shoot more than one round at a time. Without MAGS, it's basically a single shot.
A M-9, like most other pi sols, should be carried in a HOLSTER. Without a holster, a soldier tends to put the pistol in their belt, pocket or just walk around holding it and pointing at stupid people in supply.
A M-16 or M-4 is a fully auto/ semi auto rifle/ carbine. It requires MAGAZINES, or it is a single shot weapon.

My friends unit did not issue these key items. I'm trying to help him out, but I live in California, where High Cap magazines are illegal (except for cops like me, but then I can't legally give them to anyone not a cop).

This is why one of my key complaints about the US Army in general is the mentally defective people in charge.
Please, don't donate a magazine or holster, but, donate a brain to the leaders and the Supply folks.


Hope said...

hey guy...have three or four last boxes sitting here for someone to recieve...

have addy will send.

Anonymous said...

1. When a brigade of the 82nd ABN was airlifted into the Dominican Republic in 1965, they went loaded for bear, except...
2. Someone forgot to include ammunition for their M-14 rifles among their supplies (the AF wasn't letting combat loaded troops on their planes.)
3. The 82nd borrowed a couple pallets of 7.62 ball from a Marine Corps BLT.
4. This allowed them to issue a magazine apiece to patrols going into Santo Domingo.
5. Had all the ammo anyone could want within 24 hours.
6. Got this story from the USMC.
7. The 82nd denied it.

"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

The US ARMY, 200 years of traditon unchanged by progress!
again, I repeat my bitch...when we went to Baghdad in Dec 04, then to Fallujah on a convoy, I only had one rifle mag and 5 rounds for my pistol....I had to get ammo from the USMC. I was even willing to make a sworn statement when someone told me that was not possible. We had so many idiots leading us around...

Hope said...

tony wants to know if they even gave them a basic issue before they left and if they didn't what was the reason?

Sergeant Grumpy said...

D - is this someone I know? Send me their addy/e-mail on my private e-mail. I can get some mags out.