24 July 2008

My 3rd Anniversary of getting shot at!

From the Soldier side: Well, I didn't tell you all, but a few days ago was my anniversary of getting shot at in Iraq. Funny...I've been a civilian cop for almost 30 years, and nobody has ever had the balls to shoot at me, plus I never gave anyone the chance. (good use of cover, tactics and things like "hey, put the gun down dumbass, or I'm going to kill you." worked)
However, there's always sometimes when you get put into something where you have no friggen control over what's happening. Like, when you get sent out to Bumm f.... Iraq to help the Marines.
My newest team was given orders to "go west". I mean way out in West Iraq. The orders came down that we were going to some place called Camp Korea.
So, I had my lads look up what they had there....what kind of chow, PX, recreation...etc. It didn't look too bad. So, we loaded up our stuff and moved...by Army Choppers to Al Asad (again). We got there and I talked to my counter parts in the Marines...ran into a Marine Capt who was in Bosnia the same time I was....we told war stories for awhile... about the good beer and stuff.
After hanging around Al Asad for a while, they changed their minds....said we were going to Al Qaim Iraq. OK, hows the food? Good KBR food, no other stuff...have to wash clothes by hand. OK whatever.
We got to Al Qaim and hung around.....
To be cont. (don't you want to hear about me getting shot at.....come back later.)

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J said...

It's later. Who was brave enough to shoot at you anyway? Come on...tell the story. Pleeeeeeze...

(you had to wash your own clothes by hand?...that sucks...hope my mom never makes me do that)