05 July 2008

4th OF JULY, 2005, Al Qaim, Iraq

From the Soldier Side: I hope everyone had a really good 4Th of July. I was thinking that it was better than the one I had in Iraq. My team and I were at Al Qaim, Iraq with the USMC. They had a BBQ (no beer) and cold soda. It was pretty good. For fun, the Marines had a big ass run. They asked me if I wanted to run with them... I told them I was conserving my energy.
The Marines put all of their toys on display...like the M1 Tank. It was kind of like "Family Day" without the family part.
There was one Marine who did go running. He fell out of the run. Now, this guy was in pretty good shape, but he had been wounded in the leg, so it still hurt. I thought it was hard core for him to even try running. That's how the Marines are...they don't quit.
Al Qaim is an old train depot...it was along the "Orient Express" run. The people were good, KBR chow was good, but no kind of limited services. To wash your clothes you filled an old bucket up with water and soap and did it by hand. One of my younger soldiers was not able to figure out how to do this (his mom always did his laundry at home) so I showed him. Thank God I was a boyscout and had been in the Infantry many years before.
So, this 4Th of July was good...nobody trying to kill me.
As far as fire duty...I have to report in on Sunday to the armory. I hate fighting fires...they're hot and dirty.

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Hope said...

my first outfit to support was the 1/4 in Al Qaim...