12 September 2013

Weapons cache????

From the Soldiers side: The first four month of my visit to Iraq, I had a special team...we traveled around and had chats with some not so nice folks.  Besides smelling really bad and often having the I.Q. of a donkey, they did not value human life as most of us do.
At the time we were in Iraq, the weapons laws for citizens there were more liberal than they are in many parts of the United States.  For example, each adult male could have one semi or fully automatic SKS or AK 47--without any special permits.
They could not have RPGs or belt fed machine guns.
The confusion that often came up was when there were more than one adult male in the home...well, hell many of the males had two or three wives and 25 kids.... so as the kids grew up, a guy might have several adult males living in one house.

Then some GI out on patrol would come across a home with more than one rifle and make a detention for a "Weapons Cache."
When they came in with the evidence, I'd sort through it and tell them: "Shit, I know lots of folks back home who have more than that in the garage."


Suzanne McCarley said...

Well, those could do a fair bit of damage, but still - "Cache?"

CI-Roller Dude said...

the best part was that most of them had no idea how to actually aim a firearm. The only time I actually got shot at, the idiot didn't use the sights and shot gangster style...wasting a lot of rounds and not hitting any of us. Thank God.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, BIG difference between 'having' and 'using'... Thankfully for us!!!