04 November 2012

What do you miss most about the Army?

From the Soldier side: Veteran's Day is coming next week.  For my Vet friends who read this dribble, let me know what you miss the most about the Military.  If you were not in, then you can comment on what you think you missed.

Here's a couple of things I miss:

M-11 9MM shoot


Using a SAW


Saker said...

Knowing everything that you know now, would you do it again?

And, knowing everything that you know now, any advice for a junior mess-kit type NCO?

Coffeypot said...

Being 18 years old again. I do miss being a sea and traveling the world on the government toll like a Democrat.

Mud Puppy said...

The soldiers.

The Army can kiss my ass.

I miss the soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Two things missed the most:
1. Being part of something bigger and more important than my own miserable self.
2. The comradery that develops after you've been through some stuff.
Used to say that command was better than sex. Can't remember too much about either these days, so am sticking with #"s 1 and 2.
V/R JWest

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Still having a cot and three hots after blowing all my dough on the strasse.

Six said...

Direct fire with an M198 Howitzer. You haven't lived until you've stood behind that big gun when it pumps out one of those huge projectiles at a target just a thousand meters away. If you look closely you can actually see that sucker traveling downrange in a cloud of acrid smoke and hoots of joy. Charge 7 Redbag FTW!

Man, I miss that.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good one, Six. You write almost as well as our host.
What a neat topic.
V/R JWest

CI-Roller Dude said...

First of all...when I was in the regular army in the 70's (2 years as a grunt) I loved the job, but got fed up with so many dumbass leaders and idiots I had to work with who couldn't even read.
Saker: advice? Follow the FM, always have written orders and follow them, always do the right thing, and when in doubt think: "What Would CI ROLLER DO?"

Coff, "join the Navy and pee all over the world?"

Mud Pup, Yep.

Mr West, yes- always good comments.

WSF- a few nights I had to walk all the way back across West Berlin to get to my barracks because I spent every Mark on Bier.

Six, I understand...I was on an 81 MM and sat next to the 155 going off in Fallujah, Iraq fucking loud.

MikeyB said...

Flew this low-level route so many times, I didn't need a chart. Oh, to strap on an ejection seat just one more time....



Scott_S said...

About the Army. The job sucked the pay wasn't that good and holy hell was it hot. However the guys I worked with are still the best I've ever had the privilage of filling sandbags, kicking doors, and tipping strippers with.

Would I do it again?

With out a doubt.