31 January 2012

VET Posers are out of control....!!!

I’m going to get off track from the “series” I started to write about and do a little venting.  Yeah, most people who know me know I will say what I think, but I try to remain “professional” when I’m actually working.  Since this is my blog, I really can write what I want. 

What I’m really getting sick of is the fakes and posers out there now claiming to be vets from Iraq or Afghanistan.  Some of them are so outrageous; that anybody who was even in the military for the minimum number of years could figure out the person is full or fish.  (I’m trying to not swear—I saw that on a TV show the other night, fish can mean fuck, shit or anything, but I’m not going to swear). 

The guys who write for the blog: “This ain’t hell…” are pretty good at finding stories on fake vets, or ones who embellish their history.  I mean I’m very proud of the fact that I deployed to both Bosnia and Iraq and did Mess Kit Repair.  That was a very important job and I am proud of it. 

However, for the dirtbag piece of fish who were either never in the military, or never went to any of the hot spots now in the news, they are taking the public and spinning some really fish stories about stuff they know nothing about and the public is sucking it up because they want to? 

Here’s a story about a faker who said the Army forced him to be a sniper and he has problems from having to kill people.  BIG FAKE VET STORY, clicky here 

Let me explain to my gentle non-military readers…. The ARMY doesn’t force anybody to be a sniper.  You have to volunteer for the school, and you only pass if you have your fish together….both physical and mentally.  No retards are allowed.  And no fish heads. 

Signs to spot a fake vet:

If they claim to have been in the Navy, they’ll claim to have been a SEAL.  If claiming Army, they’ claim to have been a sniper, “green beret” Ranger.  If claiming to have been a Marine, they’ll say the were Recon, or scout/sniper.  If claiming Air Force, they’ll have been the door gunner on the space shuttle, or something like that. 

Other signs, if the person is really out of shape, has other mental problems and just seems to make up stuff about everything, he or she is more than likely making up their military career.  What I’ve found is those who were really in something special, will not brag about it and you usually have to get out of them what they did. 

Why is this bad?  Because the public and the media are taking the words of these fish turds and thinking that all vets are that messed up.  The fakes are also taking benefits and things that the real vets should get.  The VA is actually swamped with fakers getting free medical benefits because they don’t have time to check everybody that comes in and wants help.  Some of us had to wait a year after returning to get into the VA.  What can you do?  If you find a person faking being a vet, kick them in the balls.      


TheNewMagoo said...

We had one working for the company i work at who told everyone he was a former Royal Marines Commando... We have a couple of Territorial Army boys who tried to do the "armed forces bonding" thing, and realised he was full of fish (as you might so eloquently put it). I don't know the full details, but one of his claims was that one of his first tastes of war was in the Falklands. I was 5 when that was going on, this herbert was only a couple of years older than me.

Sigh... i'd like to say he lost his job for his lacksadaisical inattention to detail when spinning such tales, but he got fired for fiddling his mileage expenses.

CI-Roller Dude said...

NewMagoo...the next time you'll know what to do with somebody like that.

Old NFO said...

MSGT, this is the same drill we had after Vietnam...

Folks who are suspicious can go here and file for info...


And for fake SEALS, call Patches Watson at the SEAL Museum at St. Lucie, FL, he has a list of all current/former SEALS, UDT and I believe EOD folks. (772) 595-5845

Anonymous said...

1. The other side of the story is being remembered as claiming to have been a green beanie or a SEAL by members of the public I have dealt with.
2. As in: "You're the guy who was in Special Forces in VN." Me: "Nope. That was everybody else. I was just a grunt."
3. USMC snipers are screened pretty carefully. Mostly wanted farm boys and those who grew up hunting big game.
4. Also, in AO, instructed my people that their scalp count was to be kept between themselves and God.
5. Do not like the proliferation of high body-count claimants. And long shot stuff.
6. All this stems from stories that Gunny Hathcock was chivvied into agreeing were truth.
7. Knew Hathcock before Henderson's book was published -and frankly the man I knew would have been surprised at its content but probably too polite to disagree.
8. Know he enjoyed the celebrity of his last years.
9. But anyway, those are men down range, not eight point bucks.
10. Well aimed shots have consequences -not the least of which include the bad guys acquiring our skills and philosophy.
V/R JWest

CI-Roller Dude said...

Old NFO, I retired a Staff Sgt, I was very happy just being a buck sgt, but as things turned out, I went for the extra stripe for my own reasons.
I have the Stolen Valor site on my favorites.
wait a minute while my BP goes back down....

Mr West, I had the honor of having worked with some very "special" folks in my time...some did a lot of things they didn't want to talk about...but I asked them questions so I could use their info to train others to shoot better and stuff like that.

thanks for the comments folks.

Coffeypot said...

I was thinking that if they were claiming to be Air Force they would say they were guards at the gold course or bartender or something that requires skill.

Anonymous said...

1. My abiding memory of working with "special people" was simple instructions from a PO1c.
2. Went as follows: "Sit tight and don't do anything unless we tell you to."
V/R JWest

CI-Roller Dude said...

The first question in Fallujah from one of them types: "Can you fucking shoot that gun or not?"

el chupacabra said...

With the Long War the lies started immediately- literally. There was a guy in the Wounded Warrior Battalion I was in who had some kind of vague back problem. He made up stories of IEDs, flaming vehicles and pulling his burned buddies out of same. His only problem in Iraq was his unit got tired of him malingering and sent him back stateside. Once there he forgot about a device known as a telephone and assumed our first sergeant (who was very sharp) would not call to confirm his stories. He got busted down from a dirt bag of a specialist to E nothing and some extra duty for good measure.
I can also tell you from experience, another guy made up all kinds of stupid stories about what he saw and did while we in Iraq- then got busted bashing his knee with a hammer to fake damage.
The weirdest stories to me are still the guys who were truck drivers, mechanics etc. who did their jobs- did them well and then had to make up ignorant war stories that cost them their credibility.
Why? I literally cannot comrehend that.

CI-Roller Dude said...

El C, we only had a few bums like that...claimed somekind of problem and went home early.

On the same track, here's a nut job I knew. He had claimed he was a SEAL etc when I knew him. His stories about POW abuse are total BS because he was never near the places he claimed.: http://www.historycommons.org/timeline.jsp?hr_people_who_have_been_detained=&timeline=torture,_rendition,_and_other_abuses_against_captives_in_iraq,_afghanistan,_and_elsewhere&startpos=200