24 August 2011

Are you prepared?

From the Cop side: One of the “other assigned duties I had as a Police Sergeant over the years was I was in charge of disaster planning/training and preparation.  I guess since I had a bit of experience in real disasters, it was a good job for me to have.  I had responded to multiple State Active Duty Missions with the Calif Army National Guard...floods, fires, earthquake and riot...

With the recent big earthquake they had on the east cost of the US, it’s kind of a reminder to make sure you are prepared.  In the past, most people in the US had specific things that they would prepare for…and the east coast did not have earthquakes on that list of things to be ready for.  As a rule of preparation, you should be prepared to survive on your own for at least 3 days.  This means you have some type of shelter, food, water etc to survive. 

When I was a kid, we lived in the middle of tornado country.  As a kid, I thought it was really cool when we saw tornados….I didn’t know what kind of damage they could do.  I also lived on the east cost a few years and remember getting ready for hurricanes.  And having lived in California all my adult life, I knew to be ready for the “Four Seasons”- Floods, Fires, Earthquakes and Riots. 

However, there is one disaster….that everybody around the world should be prepared for…and that is when the Zombies attack.  The first things you need is sturdy shelter and a large caliber weapon with lots of ammo. 

An old example of when Zombies attack: 

If you are prepared for Zombies, you are prepared for anything. 


TheNewMagoo said...

I definitely need to sort out some kind of a plan - the recent public disorder in the UK really freaked me out. My normal response to crisis is to figure it out with my husband, but if he's out batoning rioters in the high street (as he was recently) i'm on my own... well, me and the cat.

As far as zombies go, part two of my plan involves a kayak and the canal that runs near my house... i have it on pretty good authority that zombies can't swim. Part one of my plan involves the purchase of said kayak.

Paxford said...

I have an A Plan for the zombie attack and a B plan.

Both involve hiding behind super organised and lethal friends (however Plan A would involve travel :D)


Coffeypot said...

Reminds me of my first wife's family reunions.

Anonymous said...

1. Reminds me of the time I actually came up with something clever.
2. With Y2K coming, the wife was harping at me about what we were going to do.
3. Bought 2 50# bags of rice.
4. She asked me what that was for.
5. Said if things go to hell, we sit tight and eat the rice.
6. She asked what happened if the rice ran out.
7. Said: "We eat the neighbors."
8. Guess that would have made us part of the crowd in your film clip.
V/R JWest

CI-Roller Dude said...

J, the whole Y2K thing was a waste of resources and time. we more than doubled our coppers and NOTHING happened...cops were bumping into each other. I felt sorry for anybody who got stopped because every cop would show up...scared a lot of harmless citizens.

Jay said...

I have a Zombie plan . I call it

R isk of
U ngodly
a N nihilation

It's self explanatory and can be put in to action within seconds.

SAM said...

Too bad firearms law in my country prohibit folks from owning firearms. Guess I have to padlock the gates, doors, windows and put steel bars and ply woods on them.

CI-Roller Dude said...

My Primary Zombie stopper is a 12 gauge Bennelli shotgun...3 inch magnum buckshot and extend magazine....