17 May 2011

It's Hot, Desert HOT!

OK Fans (all 3 or 4 of you) I'm moved in.  Now I just need to find a few odds and ends...and a Job.  I am looking for something like what I did in Bosnia and Iraq (mess kit repair.)  There are a few contract type jobs that seem very possible...but I never count my eggs before they hatch. 

More war/cop stories coming soon...now that I'm an out of the police business, I can tell some good stuff.  I'll miss many of the folks I worked with...but they can come and shoot anytime. 


Coffeypot said...

Good you have settled in and good luck with your pursuits. Drink plenty of water, too. Don't want you sweating out on us.

Paxford said...

Glad your move went well :)


Anonymous said...

1. Mess kit repair is a small community.
2. Bet you've got people knocking on your door.
3. Civil sector: Triple Canopy, Wackenhut, DynCorp, ManTech are hiring actively, to name a few.
4. Most of them require "travel."
5. On the Feds, DIS, TSA and the Federal Marshals are all hiring -this is mostly unaffected by the federal hiring freeze.
6. The work outlook for folks in your professions will continue to be sunny for many years.
7. You can probably sit back and wait on an offer that looks really good. Would be surprised if you didn't hear from a couple listed in #3.
8. Congratulations on your move and best wishes for a smooth transition.
V/R JWest

CI-Roller Dude said...

CP thanks, I used to train soldiers in Desert and cold weather survival. DRINK WATER GODDMANIT

Pax, and I hate moving!

Mr West, yep, many of those companies are down here. It's all a matter of finding what suits me and the next employer best.

I still have my hammer for repairing mess kits.

Saker said...

Sir, belated congrats on your retirement. The Army has sent me to Arizona a few times, and I've always liked it. Very beautiful country, and I'm sure that there will be many more people who appreciate you there as compared to CA.

Are you looking to deploy again? Because we have some retired-turned-civilian mess kit repair types out here. Come experience the wonder that is AfStan. :D