11 November 2010

On Veteran’s Day

From the Soldier side/ Cop side: 11/11/2010- Today is “Veteran’s Day” in the US. Most of our “allies” celebrate this day and call it other things, but we go with “Veteran’s Day”.
M1 Tank, Camp Ripley, MN (SFOR Training)

I’m not very good at it when somebody says: “Thank you for your service.” I think most of the Vets I know really never know what to say when we hear those words. It’s not that we don’t appreciate it, but, when we “joined up” we didn’t do it for medals, and thank you’s, we joined up for other reasons.

Hell, when I first joined the “Regular Army” after high school, I joined because the only jobs I was able to find didn’t pay enough to actually support myself….and I wanted a little adventure.

I got out of the “Regular Army” I stayed out for many years, then I joined the State National Guard….getting the chance to go to floods, fires, earthquakes, drug mission, riots and two deployments.

If I had it all to do all over again…I’d do it all over again. I do appreciate people’s thanks, but I actually enjoyed it, and got to help spend a lot of the tax payer’s money on ammo and stuff, so maybe I should thank the tax payers?
Flag from Camp in Bosnia, taken home, to Iraq and back home

Have a beer, I’m working today, but that’s OK, at least on my cop job they pay me overtime….never got that in the Army. Peace. Happy Veteran’s Day- Danny


Anonymous said...

1. Back at you.
2. Thanks for your service.
3. Thanks for writing about it so well.
V/R JWest

Wrexie said...

OK then ...I'll say thank you for spending my hard earned tax dollars on bullets and stuff...

thank you

Wrexie said...

Thanks for serving, Roller Dude. I din't get to have a beer today to raise to you all...had to work. But I'm glad I paid taxes for a good reason ;) (hope you got some .50 cal out of it...)

Hogday said...

From the UK:
`For Queen? Technically, yes.
`For Country? OK, the Gov't signs these things off.
`For your mates taking incoming, in the hole next to you? Absolutely, every time`.

We will remember them.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Mr West, I almost got fired from police work when I was a rookie for riten' such crappei reportts.

WRX, Glad I could help use your tax dollars so well.

Hogday, Our military has some "Queens" but we also have a policy of not askin' and not tellin'.

Momma Fargo said...

Thanks for your Service! I totally appreciate all you have done for your country.

Coffeypot said...

Holy Cow!!! How did I miss this on Vet Day? I didn't even have a beer that day. Sorry, Dude! I'll do better next year. And Thanks and Welcome Home.