04 August 2010

Search and????

From the Soldier side: Today I’d like to talk some more about the Useless Deployment Training we had before going to Bosnia. It may sound like I’m just bitchin’, which is every soldiers right, (but doesn’t mean the leaders listen), but some of that training was so off the wall and stupid, that it was totally amazing.

Even with a sign, you can't fix stupid!

Now, keep in mind at the time I was going through this training in 2003, I’d been a civilian cop for over 20 years. There are overlaps in some military and police training, and some things that are done totally different. Basic things like how to shoot a firearm are the same…and I even use the same training in both jobs when I’m training others.

I think the reason I bitched so much about some of this UDT, was because I’ve taught others for so long, that I hate to see crap that’s not only useless, but would get a soldier killed if they actually did things the way they were trained. Wrong!

The first day in Bosnia

Most cops in the US are well trained on searching persons and stuff. The general concept is when you search a bad guy for weapons and such, you have control over the person. We do this in such a way that they can’t pull a weapon on you or run away. Bad tactics, methods or lazy, gets cops hurt or killed.  The same applies to Soldiers!

The way they were training the troops going to Bosnia to search people was so stupid and bad, that I had to laugh when they demonstrated how they wanted us to do it. The only thing I could guess at was, some pogue officer in some office sat down with his/ her pogue staff, and never even looked at any Field Manuals (FMs).   Then they just made up this stupid shit. 

When I search a real live honest to God bad guy, I am not going to get hurt. I take control, I have a cover officer and I am going to find any weapons the bad guy has. The method we were shown for Bosnia, we had no physical control over the person searched, we did not secure any weapons found, but used a silly “code” word and had to totally depend on other soldiers to cover us if things went bad. ...keep in mind that that soldier covering you might have been a cook or office pogue with no real experience. 

When I went through the exercise, I did it the way a cop would do it. The sergeant grading me said: “You’re doing it all wrong!” I looked at her and asked: “Have you ever in your life actually searched a bad guy with a weapon?”

Of course not. I told her that the crap they were training us to do would get soldiers killed (or laughed at if they were lucky) and I would do it the correct way. If she didn’t approve, fine. Fail me and I won’t get to go to Bosnia I guess.”

Who watched the police in Bosnia

I passed all the training. But I suppose it’s my honest, no bullshit attitude that prevented me from getting promoted a lot faster in my career. I’m sorry, I don’t kiss anybody’s ass.

This next week I’m going to my last 2 week National Guard Annul Training (Summer Camp) before I retire. I promise to behave myself. (not really.)

==Some of you may have this blog going straight to your e-mail, crackberry, Iphone, Kindle, etc, but when I don't see folks coming to the blog, I don't know how many readers I actually have.  If I think few are reading my crap, I don't write as often.  Just something to keep in mind.


Coffeypot said...

Write away, Dude. And try to control your emotions when you leave the training behind for the last time. Choking and sobbing isn't inspirational to the young’uns.

And thanks for all the years, motor mouth.

lorraine said...

Does your site record who visits or do you rely on comments? Commenting is difficult when it involves a subject I know nothing about. I find your stories very interesting I just don't have much to say about police work or army life because I enjoy reading your blog - just don't know what to say. I check in at least every other day if not every day. So even if it is just for me - keep it up. A priest I found with a blog (Military Chaplain) just came back from Bosnia. So we are still there even though people don't know it. Take care.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Coffepot, #$%^&&!!*&^ Ok.

L, There's a little thing at the bottom that shows when people visit here, but if it's fed into an e-mail or one of them fancy electronic gizmos, I don't know it.
We were the 2nd to last rotation for the Yanks in Bosnia. We still have a few folks there anyway, but many get Kosovo confused with Bosnia.

Texas Ghostrider said...

dude, I love to F*ck with the office heads, It makes my day go by faster. My street boys respect me cause I am going to do it the way that gets everyone home safe. The office f*cks well they just tollerate me. I am like you, not one to kiss a$$ so not one to get promoted, not that I really want to. Stay safe and be safe!

Anonymous said...

can't remember if I have ever commented on your blog, but I do so enjoy it. You make me laugh, shake my head and sometimes wish that you were "King of the World". I'll never get promoted either, but people always come to me when they need help or someone to make a decision, or to be trained. If nothing else I come by just for the music so glad you found 652 Say Hey(I Love You)
enjoy your last camp!

Anonymous said...

Hey mister honest-no-bullshit with an attitude dude,
You're an awesome read! We miss you when you get busy protecting people and shtuff.

Keep the stories coming.
I for one can't wait to hear how your last summer camp goes.
Have some serious fun, you've earned it!


Kanani said...

Your last training? Hard to imagine but happy retirement!

Saker said...

You've talked for awhile about some of the stunts you might pull right before retirement, when you don't care anymore... if any such shenanigans happen, please post!

And- if you had it to do over again, would you have gone warrant officer or commissioned officer? I'm trying to decide what to do in two years when my contract's up.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Texas, Remember as long as we can keep laughing, we won. If we stop, they won.

Anom-M, I never want to be King of nothing, just want to do my thing and ride off into the sunset.

Anom-AJ, I know it'll be a good last summer camp... I'll make sure it happens.

Kan, Yep, all good or bad things must come to an end...then new things can start.

Sak, I was going to go WO but postponed it for the Bosnia mission. Then I went to Iraq so soon after, then I got hurt a little and couldln't go to any schools for awhile. Then I decided I didn't want to have to stay for 6 more years and more deployments if I took W/O.

Don't be a Zero...Go W/O

Jay said...

Always look forward to reading what you have to say. Have a great last training.

Momma Fargo said...

Can't wait for the stories. However, retirement? No way. What will you do with your days off? Pure boredom will set in and then...you will have a normal life. Impossible!