27 October 2009

What is the issue?

From the Soldier side: The CI Roller Dude tries really hard to not get involved in politics. However, He does have a few friggen' opinions about our wars we're in now. He feels he can speak a little bit about Iraq since he spent a year of his life there. He hasen't been to Afghanistan (yet) but he's have been keeping up.
When you consider why a country should legally or otherwise go to war, you really only have a few justified reasons. The FIRST reason to go to war is when some other asshole attacks your country. For those who've been smokin' too much weed and forgot, the assholes who attacked us on 11 Sep 2001 were based in Afghanistan. So we struck back. Good war!
Then for some reason, "they" decided we should invade Iraq. For those of you who think Iraq had anything to do with the attack on 11 Sep 2001, go study the issue again, then get back to me. Iraq, or Saddam Asshole really just pissed off some people, who thought we could easily wipe out the Iraqi Army. We could have wiped out the Iraqi Army with a couple of troops of American Girl Scouts!
But, we shifted focus from Afghanistan to Iraq...while the asshole terrorist in Afghanistan were able to re-supply and re-group. Now we got a mess there all over again.
In either country, we're not going to fix a bunch of corrupt, mis-guided, backwards, asshole, rag-heads. That mission is impossible.
What we need to do however, it go into Afghanistan, totally wipe out the terrorist...going across any borders required...and turn them into corpse. Kill them all and let Allah sort it out.
Then leave both fucked up places. Let the assholes who live there wallow in their own shit until they can pull their heads out of their camel's asses and grow up.
Nuking them all is not a bad idea. It's really like 1500 AD with cell phones. It's not "just like V Nam" these mutha'fuka's from Afghanistan attacked the US. Yes, sometimes history repeats it's self, but what we need in Afghanistan is for the President to listen to what the Generals are saying...after all, our President, like that last few we've had, has no experience with war.
I know from my deployment to Bosnia, Clinton dragged his feet and waited too long before we sent troops there.... we need to unfuck Afghanistan right away...and stop wasting time and troops in Iraq. Fuck the Iraqis if they don't want our help.


Coffeypot said...

They are trying to pull men out of Iraq, just not fast enough. But we need more boots on the ground with more liberal (God I hate saying that word) rules of engagement. Or pull out all together. But to stop them we are going to have to deal with China and Russia and stop the weapons supply from coming in. I really don’t think we are in a win situation over there. It will be many generations for education and training before either country is read to become civilized. And their major hindrance is their religion. But what do I know?

Hope said...

"we need to unfuck Afghanistan right away"


Red said...

Good stuff, Dude... I very much agree with you. I think that "Fuck the Iraqis if they don't want our help" is the quote of the day

CI-Roller Dude said...

Another thought I had...but it may not be too popular....if they really want weapons of mass destruction...let's give them some.
From the bottom of a B-52. Air burst.

Kanani said...

Oh man.... I just saw the biggest fight between milspouses on this issue, and whew.... it was loaded.

Anyway, I actually came by to see if you had any further news on the Oakland-Bay Bridge. I saw all the tweets being sent by those stuck on the bridge for 2 hours!

CI-Roller Dude said...

I don't fight or argue, I just say what I know or in a few cases what I feel.
I don't tweet, facebook or any of that stuff...but the Oakland Bay bridge is something I'd not drive on for a long time. It's about ready to fall into the bay.

Anonymous said...

1. 1500 AD with cellphones is perfect.
2. Said pretty much what you have said in a couple fora inhabited by movers and shakers.
3. Was explained that I did not understand: A) Grand Strategy and B) Geopolitical Realities.
4. Asked what effect changing our foreign policy as regularly as we change our clothes has on grand strategy.
5. What strategic end has spending eight years fighting non-state opponents accomplished?
6. Was explained that we were trying to maintain the balance of power in the middle east.
7. Translate that to: keep the Saudi Monarchy in power.
8. Why we should care particularly is beyond me. We don't get our oil from there. Let the Europeans, Chinese, other Asians look out for their interests.
9. We couldn't even back up Georgia last year when they were invaded by the Russian Federation -an outfit with the GNP of the Netherlands.
10. NATO is an F'n joke.
11. Call the French surrender monkeys? Better extend that to the rest of Europe as well.
12. The situation in Afghanistan is beyond pathetic.
13. They call Karzai the mayor of Kabul. He was the only Pastun we could dig up to stand for office.
14. His own people don't respect him because of petty intra-tribal ethic differences.
15. The Tajiks (Northern Warlords) who run the ANA pretty much do as they please -having little time for Pastun scum, either.
16. The peasants of whatever tribe, don't mind a steady foreign presence -it guarantees they won't be preyed upon.
17. On the other hand, even with McChrystal's troop increase, we could only reliably secure about 5% of the hinterlands.
18. It's a big place and the bad guys are scrupulous about punishing folks that deal with us.
19. We poured half a million troops into VN (a much smaller place) and failed.
20. I do not see any increase in political will. Do you?
21. Could wish for better. Expect, eventually, we'll pack up our trash and wander home.
V/R JWest