20 August 2008

Just the Facts..whatever they are...

From the Soldier side: Hey America--there's a big election coming up soon. Are you registered to vote? If not, go get registered.
I've been trying to follow the 2 big guys running for the most powerful elected job in the world...but I'm not really sure what they're trying to say. I know most elected folks have to be able to talk out of both sides of their mouth and their ass at the same time. That way they can be sure to not offend anyone. They may not actually say anything in the process...yep...both side are guilty of this.
Some Americans are worried about alot of big topics...the economy, the wars (yeah, there's 2 of them going on) employment, abortion, etc etc.
I guess I'm not too worried about work...as long as the public needs cops and national guard, I'll have some kind of a job (but I can retire from both in a few years.)
But who do we need as President? I think we need someone who has the following traits:
1.) Can lead people-- lead by example, lead by knowledge, lead by having people who work for them wanting to do a good job.
2.) Be honest-- honest to the public and all others at all times.
3.) Must be smart--- book smart and common sense, and able to listen to those who know more about something than they do. (can't be the village idiot)
4.) If they are going to start a war, make sure they have a legal and just reason. Wars kill, so you should never start a war without good cause.
5.) Should not be critical of others all the time, but stand on what they can do right themselves.
6.) When it comes to matters of the military, listen to those who've been down that road and might know something. (if you want to launch a rocket into space, you call a rocket scientist, if you want to start a war-- who do you call?)

I'm sure there are other traits for a good President, but I like to keep things simple. Do you know anyone who meets the above? Nope, neither do I. The big problem I see with anyone who's running for the job, they think they have all the answers and don't want to talk to anyone who might have just one or two answers.

I won't act like I'm running for office...I'll flat out tell you. We were right to go into Afghanistan---that's where the cowards from "9-1-1" came from. But, we should not have gone into Iraq. The problem is, we can't just walk away. It's not about winning or loosing---it's about breaking even. This is not a game. This is life or death. There were no weapons of mass destruction...only mass dumbness. We have to have a real plan to get out of Iraq--and that's something the folks who fight wars will have to tell you how to do. Do it wrong and we'll have the aftermath of Nam, or like the Marines who were leaving Somalia and got shot at all the way to the sea. Anyone who's running for the "big job" of leading this country better have a plan in progress, because it's not something you can pull out of your ass at the last minute (like too many Military Operations).

(now, did you notice how I ranted on, but didn't tell you who to vote for?)

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